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Organic Rice    Product of Thailand
Within this resealable bag lies a blend of single-origin Hom Mali rice harvested by passionate rice farmers in a province, Sisaket that’s located in the North-east of Thailand. The seasonal climate of this region and inland nature of the rice plains give the rice its signature nutty flavour and al-dente texture.

Naturel Organic Rice is certified organic by IFOAM and European Union.
  Naturel Organic Brown Rice
100% Organic Brown Rice
Naturel Organic Mixed Rice
80% Organic Brown Rice and
20% Red Rice
Low Sugar
Source of Dietary Fibre
Naturel Organic Brown GABA and Riceberry Rice
80% Organic Brown GABA and 20% Organic Riceberry Rice
Low Sugar
Source of Protein and Iron

  *Only applicable to Naturel Organic Mixed Rice  
Naturel Organic Rice is naturally cholesterol free and gluten free. One serving of rice (150g) = 300% daily wholegrain requirement.

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