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Oat Milk

UFC Velvet Oat Milk is made from selected quality organic oats from Scandinavia. It is unsweetened with added calcium and contains vitamins, making it a healthier choice of plant-based milk alternative beverage.

Taste the natural sweetness of UFC Velvet Oat Milk Unsweetened on its own or pair it with cereals, smoothies or baked goods.

The Barista version is designed for the professional baristas to create a smooth and creamy foam for a cup of non-dairy coffee. Watch video on its functionality here.

For a delectable twist, try our new Velvet Oat Milk Chocolate that is rich in chocolatey flavour with creamy wholesome oats.

Suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy milk.

Available in 180ml (Unsweetened) and 1 litre.

  Added with calcium
Naturally Cholesterol free
Naturally Trans fat free
Free from dairy, lactose and soy
Source of Vitamin D2, B2 and B12
No added artificial flavour, colour or preservatives
Only for Unsweetened and Barista Edition.
Eat all foods in moderation. 25% lower in sugar as compared to regular other plant-based milk.
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