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Naturel Raises $20,000 Worth of Brown Rice for Food from the Heart April 2023

Food from the Heart is a non-profit organisation that feeds the needy through its food distribution programme. They aim to alleviate hunger by providing reliable, consistent, and sustainable food support to the less-fortunate through food distribution programmes.

In celebration of Food from the Heart 20th Anniversary, Naturel partnered with them to raise $20,000 worth of rice. For every pack of Naturel Organic Brown rice purchased in stores, a pack of rice will be donated to the organisation.

Naturel reached its goal of $20,000 in less than 1 month and is grateful to its customers for their support in this initiative. This partnership with Food from the Heart is just one of the many community initiatives by Naturel. The donated rice will be distributed to Food from the Heart's beneficiaries and less privileged communities.
Supporting a Farming Career with Institute of Technical Education, Singapore ITE College East August 2022
Together with Institute of Technical Education, Singapore ITE College East and Edible Garden City, Lam Soon Singapore has jointly set up a Smart Edible Garden learning space at the college to promote foodscaping and sustainable urban food production.

Spanning a space of 120sqm, it is home to colourful flowers, herbs and fruits. Students can practice their urban farming skills and test out smart technologies like sensors and robtics right at the doorstep of their classrooms.

Opening Ceremony for Hindu Endowment Board (HEB) - Ashram Eco-garden July 2022
Recognising the positive impact of supporting the edible garden builds in various schools, Lam Soon supported the Phase 2 rejuvenation of the eco-garden at HEB-Ashram. This was first set up in 2017 under Phase 1 to create a therapeutic environment for its residents by introducing horticulture. Through this sponsorship, we hope to support Ashram residents in rebuilding their confidence, empowering them with useful skills for gainful employment when they reintegrate into the society.

Six green houses were added to the eco-garden to produce fresh, tasty and nutritious harvests of herbs and vegetables. Eleven residents have also completed the six months training to upskill themselves to take up jobs in eco-farming, horticulture and landscaping.

The HEB-Ashram eco-garden 2.0 was launched on 23 July 2022. Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies, graced the event to unveil a plaque and presented a token of appreciation to Mr Whang Shang Ying, Executive Chairman of Lam Soon Singapore.

(From left to right : Prof N Ganapathy, Chairman of HEB-Ashram Halfway House , Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies and Mr Whang Shang Ying, Executive Chairman of Lam Soon Singapore)
This marks the fifth collaboration between Lam Soon Singapore and Edible Garden City, including projects benefiting students and staff at CHIJ (Kellock), Naval Base Primary School, Damai Primary School, Gan Eng Seng School and Canossian School, as well as programmes for patients at Tan Tock Seng Rehabilitation Centre.
Supporting Therapeutic Horticulture and Outdoor Education in Gan Eng Seng School April 2022

Following the successful launches of edible gardens in various educational institutions, Lam Soon is pleased to work with Gan Eng Seng School. The garden built was completed in July 2021.

Gan Eng Seng School embarked on the project to provide a new gardening experience for students and staff. The garden is a welcoming outdoor space that engages students in therapeutic horticulture under the Gear Up programme. A large variety of plants with vibrant colours were chosen to intrigue the senses and pique students’ interest. Activities are planned to equip the students with life skills while enjoying the benefits of gardening. Our partner, Edible Garden City, crafted the programme and trained both teachers and students to ensure the programme’s sustainability.

With the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, Lam Soon was honoured to grace the official opening of the garden in April 2022. The participating students took the lead and gave a garden tour while introducing the curated vegetables and flowers. Tea (using roselle flower and mint leaves from the garden) was served as a refreshment.
(Ribbon-cutting ceremony together with Ms Tan Hwee Pin (Principal), Teachers and EGC members) (Group photo with Teachers, Students and EGC members)
The Lam Soon New Horizon Fund April 2022

Lam Soon’s registered charity TL Whang Foundation made a donation of $1million to set up The Lam Soon New Horizon Fund. This fund is managed by philanthropic organisation The Majurity Trust, which will provide seed funding of up to $150,000 over three years for each of the selected grantees.

Its aim is to provide critical incubation support to start-ups in their formation period and growth journey. Six non-profit start-ups are in the first batch of recipients, including elder support initiative Kampung Kakis that matches volunteers to elderly people.

Lam Soon is awarded the Community Chest Charity Platinum Award 2021 October 2021

(image with courtesy of Community Chest)

The annual Community Chest Awards recognise individuals and organisations that have made notable contributions to lend a helping hand to the less privileged. Lam Soon Singapore is honoured to be conferred the Charity Platinum Award for having donated $3.5million to Community Chest. This donation benefitted the youths, as well as the elderly across eight social service agencies.

Lam Soon will continue to uphold its twin values of Community and Sustainability and find ways to give back to the society.

Supporting Garden Build in Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) - ASHRAM Halfway House August 2021

(image with courtesy of Edible Garden City)

Besides supporting educational institutions with garden builds and programming, Lam Soon continued its partnership with Edible Garden City to assist HEB-Ashram in its rehabilitation project for convicted substance abusers to reintegrate into the society.

The first phase of the project sees the refurbishment of HEB-Ashram’s existing edible garden area to be more resistant to weather conditions. The second phase involves knowledge and skills transfer to staff and residents for daily maintenance. The programme engages the residents physically and mentally and empowers them with useful skills for gainful employment in future.

Supporting Therapeutic Horticulture in Gan Eng Seng School July 2021
Gan Eng Seng School is the latest institution that Lam Soon supported in the building of an edible garden within the school.

The school has embarked on the project to provide a new gardening experience for students and staff. The garden is a welcoming outdoor space that engages vulnerable students in therapeutic horticulture under the Gear Up programme. A large variety of plants with vibrant colours were chosen to intrigue the senses and pique students’ interest. Activities are planned to equip the students with life skills while enjoying the benefits of gardening. Our partner, Edible Garden City, crafted the programming and trained bother teachers and students to ensure the programme’s sustainability.

(images with courtesy of Edible Garden City)
Supporting Damai Primary School’s UPLIFT! Programme July 2021

(image with courtesy of Edible Garden City)

As part of a series of projects with Edible Garden City, Lam Soon supported Damai Primary School’s garden built and programming. A 150m2 garden was built on the school’s rooftop where the plants can receive abundant sunlight throughout the day – a good opportunity for students to engage in outdoor learning. On top of strengthening the school’s Environmental Science Programme, the garden is developed with the aim of providing a platform to engage high-needs students under the UPLIFT! Programme.

Supporting Canossian School’s Reactivation of Edible Garden May 2021

(image with courtesy of Edible Garden City)

Canossian School is one of the early adopters of building an edible garden within their school compound, with the assistance of Edible Garden City. This permaculture food garden grows around 40 varieties of plants and fruits, and is used as a sensory garden for the students. To inspire creativity, heritage wood and old doors were also used in the construction of the garden, creating a welcoming and rustic space that is rooted in history, yet accessible and enjoyable to the young. The bountiful harvests of produce like sweet potato leaves and bananas are distributed to the disadvantaged.

Lam Soon continues its partnership with Edible Garden City to help upkeep the Canossian School’s 300m2 garden. Moving forward, more teachers will participate in the upkeeping of the garden, and more students will engage with the garden through Arts and Science curriculum.

Supporting Garden Build in Naval Base Primary School April 2021

With the success of CHIJ Kellock’s edible garden, Lam Soon embarked on its second project with Edible Garden City and Naval Base Primary School. The garden is strategically built on the open space nestled between 2 classroom blocks, providing high visibility and an enticing invite for students and teachers to visit the garden during their break time.

Named “Garden of Hope”, the garden was officially launched on 30th April 2021. The garden boasts a wide variety of vegetables ranging from Bak Choy and Kang Kong to various herbs. On top of featuring the wonders of home-grown greens, it also provides a space for hands-on learning and exciting after-school enrichment programmes. The harvest from the garden is packed for Nee Soon’s very own community refrigerator that serves the underprivileged residents in the neighborhood. This cultivates the invaluable virtue of giving back, that extends beyond the classroom and textbooks.

(image with courtesy of Naval Base Primary School)
Supporting Garden Build in CHIJ Kellock’s to Impart Sustainability Concepts December 2020
As part of its 70th Anniversary efforts, Lam Soon is collaborating with Edible Garden City to build edible gardens in various facilities and instituitions. CHIJ Kellock is the first project of the lineup with the garden named Laudato Si, which means “Praise Be to You”. The garden provides an out-of-classroom environment for students to learn about nature and also engage in gardening activities that facilitate education about food sustenance.

CHIJ Kellock is a champion and advocate for sustainability. Not only is this in line with the school’s vision, it is also Lam Soon’s aim to support the next generation’s development with the concept of sustainability and environment in mind.

(images with courtesy of Edible Garden City)
Lam Soon Commemorates 70th Anniversary with S$7 Million Donation to Social Service Agencies and Sustainability Projects September 2020
In celebrating 70 fruitful years of steady growth, Lam Soon announced a donation of S$3.5 million to Community Chest and another S$3.5 million to support other causes.

Our donation aims to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the vulnerable in Singapore’s population. Through partnering with Community Chest, Lam Soon donated $3.5 million to eight social agencies that champion the needs of children and youths, as well as the elderly and ageing population.

Lam Soon is honoured to have Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of Social and Family Development of Singapore, gracing the cheque presentation ceremony to Community Chest.

Read more about Mr Masagos Zulkifli’s thoughts here.

(From left) Mr Whang Shang Ying, Executive Chairman of Lam Soon, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for Social and Family Development and Mr Philip Tan, Chairman of Community Chest) (From left) Mr Whang Shang Ying, Executive Chairman of Lam Soon and Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for Social and Family Development

At the same time, Lam Soon seeks to encourage sustainability and wellness by supporting the activities of urban farming carried out by the social enterprise, Edible Garden City – a champion of garden builds that designs, builds and maintains food gardens in Singapore.

Lam Soon and Edible Garden City will be working with schools and facilities such as CHIJ Kellock and APEX Harmony Lodge to instill the concept of sustainability in the young and empower the elderly through improved holistic wellness.

(Image credit: Edible Garden City)
Supporting healthcare frontliners in NUHS August 2020
Lam Soon Singapore sponsored more than 88,000 packs of UFC Refresh Coconut Water from March – August to National University Health System (NUHS) as a token of appreciation and encouragement for NUHS staff and frontliners in the midst of their hard work to battle the Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore.

Thank you to all the healthcare workers.

Tree Planting Initiative with Mandai Park Development November 2019
On 8 November, Lam Soon colleagues, together with our partners, braved the rainy weather and participated in the tree-planting initiative organized by Mandai Park Development. More than 60 saplings were planted on the newly constructed Mandai Wildlife Bridge that reconnects the two forest patches in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) on both sides of Mandai Lake Road. Situated within the buffer zones adjacent to the CCNR, the bridge will provide a safe passage for wildlife crossings through carefully planned planting of trees and shrubs to create a multi-layered forest structure.

Job Shadowing Programme July 2019
Lam Soon Singapore hosted Northlight School students for a second year of Job Shadowing Programme as part of the company’s CSR effort. The programme aimed to educate students from Year 4 retail course through experiential learning.

Students were stationed at Lam Soon's premises on every Thursday for 7 weeks to handle duties such as labelling and re-packing of stocks.

Learning Journey for Northlight Students November 2018
Lam Soon Singapore hosted a 1-day workshop for 48 students majoring in Retail Services from Northlight School.

Topics shared during the workshop includes merchandising, warehousing & delivery. Students were given the opportunity to tour around the warehouse facilities and experience hands-on activities in part of the operation which includes labelling and re-packing.
Job Shadowing Programme July 2018
As part of our CSR programme, Lam Soon Singapore supported Northlight School with Job Shadowing Programme, which aimed to educate students through experiential learning.

Groups of Year 4 retail course students were at Lam Soon's premises on a weekly basis for 7 weeks to handle duties such as labelling and re-packing of stocks.
Collaboration with Alexandra Health System’s Wellness Centres August 2016
Lam Soon is collaborating with Alexandra Health System to promote health and wellness among the senior residents in its 3 Wellness Centres in the North. Besides sponsoring products for the Centre’s daily use, Lam Soon staff also volunteered their time through the Share-a-Pot activity. During the Share-A-Pot session, our staff will help coordinate some activities and cook a pot of soup for the residents. Lam Soon hopes to promote social responsibility among its staff through such community-based projects.

Lam Soon donates to National Gallery of Singapore and the Asian Civilisations Museum December 2015

Lam Soon Cannery, Lam Soon Singapore’s holding company, played a part in supporting the local arts and culture scene. It donated over S$2million to adopt artworks in the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) and National Gallery Singapore.

The company adopted six paintings at the National Gallery Singapore, three of which are currently on display at the DBS Singapore Gallery.

In ACM, Lam Soon adopted seven Chinese works of art, three of which are on display at its Scholar in Chinese Culture Gallery.

Lam Soon Singapore participates in the National Human Capital Scholarship 2015 March 2015
Lam Soon Singapore is participating in the National Human Capital Scholarship 2015, an initiative by the Ministry of Manpower. Launched in 2011, the scholarship is a two or three year mid-term scholarship targeted at local business school undergraduates specialising in HR. The selected candidate will then be attached to Lam Soon Singapore through engagements like internships.
Collaboration with Newcastle University November 2014
Along with the increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular disease remains as one of the leading causes of death worldwide including Singapore.

Lam Soon is collaborating with the Research team from Newcastle University (School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development) on a study to find out if a proposed dietary plan using Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the principal source of fat, can reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The findings gained from this study will provide more information on the effects of dietary changes on the risk of heart diseases and help create a cardio-protective diet suitable for Singaporeans.

Lam Soon is sponsoring the Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil for this study to about 30-40 participants over a period of 12 weeks.
Lam Soon contributes door gifts for the event Around The Table October 2014

HealthServe Limited, an IPC-registered charity that provides medical and other related services as well as social assistance to migrant workers, held a fund-raising gala dinner on 10 October 2014. The event, titled Around The Table, celebrated the spirit of friendship and community. Lam Soon contributed the door gifts for the event - bars of Labour soap - to honour the contribution of migrant workers to Singapore.

Lam Soon awarded a Scholarship to the Polytechnic’s student Zachary Yeo for the academic Year 2013. September 2013

In partnership with Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality, Lam Soon awarded a Scholarship to the Polytechnic’s student Zachary Yeo for the academic Year 2013.

This is the second year that Lam Soon has awarded  this Scholarship in support of the culinary industry and the aim to encourage new entrants into the food & beverage industry, The Scholarship is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance and achieving excellence in co-curricular activities. Zachary is the top student from the Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations (DRCO) for Year 1 and 2. He has great passion in the area of culinary operations and is a deserving student to receive this scholarship.

Knife Brand Sponsors Heritage Book on Street Food Vendors July 2013
Knife brand is proud to be the exclusive sponsor for the “Not for Sale : Singapore’s Remaining Street Food Vendors” book which was officially launched on 18 July 2013. The book’s launch is part of this year's Singapore HeritageFest and is partially funded by the National Heritage Board.

The book is the most complete and ambitious documentation of Singapore's street food vendors ever archived and it took 900 days to cover the 110 hawker centres and thousands of hours of interviews, recording and transcription.

This highly acclaimed pictorial documentation celebrates local hawker food which has been part of Singaporeans’ daily lives. Sharing this legacy and heritage, Lam Soon’s Knife brand has been and will continue to be the trusted brand for generations since 1948.

For more information, visit www.notforsale.sg and http://www.theartshouse.com.sg/Programmes/EventPage.aspx?EventID=3116


Credit: “Not For Sale – Singapore’s Remaining Street Food vendors” Used with permission The Academy Pte Ltd 2013.

Home Economics at Secondary Schools 2011
Learning to cook is part of the holistic education for our teenagers and Lam Soon is proud to offer a wide range of our products for Home Economics lesson at the Secondary Schools. This is an ongoing project, so schools that have not signed up, write to us now.
NorthLight School November 2011
NorthLight School aims to provide an engaging education for youth and prepare them for lifelong learning and employability. The school adopts an experiential approach in teaching and learning. Emphasis is given to nurturing the students' socio-emotional development by recognising their achievements, encouraging peer support, and creating conditions to promote self esteem.

As part of our collaboration with NorthLight School, we assisted the school by setting up 2 virtual retail stores in the school compound. These stores provide a realistic retail setting for students attending the Retail Operations course. As part of the school’s learning journey, teachers and students of NorthLight School visited our office and warehouse in November 2011.

Temasek Polytechnic  
Temasek Polytechnic’s lecturers and students from the School of Business made a fulfilling trip to our Pasir Gudang factory and Senai Distribution Centre in Malaysia in June last year. This visit provided the team an insight of Lam Soon’s manufacturing facilities of cooking oil and margarine and the day-to-day operations at our distribution centre.

60 hours Cookathon June 2010
In celebration of Lam Soon’s 60th anniversary in 2010, we held a round-the-clock cooking marathon involving the community. During this three-day celebratory event, we held a special event whereby the sales proceeds of our products were donated to NorthLight School and Metta School.

Besides that, Lam Soon also pledged a donation of $60,000 in products to needy families in South East District over the next three years.

South East Skipping Challenge December 2009
Lam Soon made a pledge to South East Community Development Council by donating our Naturel Organic Brown Rice to 3,000 needy families during one of the events : South East Skipping Challenge. This is in line with our corporate philosophy of giving back to society.

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