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Laundry Sheet Detergents

bio-home Laundry Sheet Detergents 25 sheets are designed to be compact for homes with small storage spaces, reducing the amount of paper packaging required.

Dermatologically tested to be gentle on sensitive and baby skin, it has unique dual-note, allergen-free fragrances. Made with concentrated and low suds formula with antibacterial properties, they are free from parabens, phthalates and colourants.
Each bio-home laundry sheet detergent has a pre-measured dosage, so it saves you time, space and creates no mess! Use one sheet for a full-load (5 – 7kg) and half sheet for half-load (2 – 3 kg). The sheets dissolves completely in hot or cold water, leaving no residue.
Designed with No Plastics, the brand showcased the commitment to innovation that aligns with environmental consciousness but also offers consumers a convenient and practical solution. bio-home Laundry Sheet Detergent packaging is nationally and globally recognised by World Packaging Organisation.

From Nature For Nature

Available in 25 sheets boxes
Variants: Eucalyptus & Rosemary, Lavender & Chamomile

Website: www.biohomecares.com

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