November 2018

Lam Soon Singapore participates in national innovation initiatives Singapore  

ESG (Enterprise Singapore) together with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) have recently launched the Wholesale Trade Industry Digital Plan (IDP) which serves as a guide for local SMEs in the Wholesale Trade industry to go digital.

This program aims to help SMEs to digitalise their core business processes and optimise resources. The Wholesale Trade IDP provides an easy-to-use guide with step-by-step advice using a three-stage roadmap on the digital solutions to use for each stage of their growth.

Lam Soon Singapore was approached by ESG to be featured as a success story in our adoption of ERP system, ASRS, etc. The video is featured on IMDA website: www.imda.gov.sg/wholesale-trade-idp

Stocking up on Digital Transformation Lam Soon  

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