March 2015

Lam Soon veterans, Mr. Samuel Kam and Dato’ Er inducted to the Hall of Fame for pioneering efforts in Malaysia’s palm oil development Malaysia  

In the recent silver jubilee of the Malaysia Oil Scientists’ and Technologists’ Association (MOSTA), two former prominent leaders of Lam Soon Group; Mr. Samuel Kam and Dato’ Er Kok Leong were recognised for their pioneering efforts to developing the Malaysian palm oil industry.

Out of the seven prominent pioneers, recognised by MOSTA, Lam Soon is the only company with distinction of having 2 representatives inducted in MOSTA’s Hall of Fame.

Mr. Samuel Kam procured a centrifugal machine and pioneered the use of this machine to produce cooking oil from palm fruit oil to replace coconut oil. While Dato’ Er and his R&D team perfected the quality of palm olein and invented many new applications for palm fruit oil.


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