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Liquid Laundry Detergents (Regular and Delicate)

bio-home laundry liquid detergents are formulated to be 3x more concentrated, providing a highly effective wash while being gentle on the environment. Suitable for both front and top load washing machines.

bio-home laundry liquid detergents contains Plantmoist that helps to support and restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier, enhancing your clothing comfort.

^For Delicate variant

Our refill pack uses 78% less plastic material*.
Start caring for our Earth by using them to refill your empty bottles.

*based on plastic used per 100ml of product

From Nature For Nature

Available in 1.5L bottles and 900ml refill packs
Variants: Regular, Delicate

Fragrance variants : Hyacinth & Nectarine

Laundry Sheet Detergents

Each bio-home laundry sheet detergent has a pre-measured dosage, so it saves you time, space and creates no mess!

bio-home laundry sheet detergents will dissolve completely in hot or cold water, leaving no residue! Suitable for both front and top load washing machines.

This product contains NO plastic*.

From Nature For Nature

Available in 25 sheets boxes​
Variants: Eucalyptus & Rosemary, Lavender & Chamomile​

Fragrance variants : Hyacinth & Nectarine
Website: www.biohomecares.com

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