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LST receives outstanding establishment Award of Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Year 2021 September 2021

LST was named as an outstanding establishment of Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment provincial level. This reflects good management on safety, occupational health and working environment by law standards requirement. On September 28, 2021, Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited’s HR team was honoured to receive the award on behalf of the company from the administrator of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare area 3.

Donation of palm oil sludge to the Ban Plai Khlong village community September 2021

United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited donated 56 tons of palm oil sludge (a fertilizer) to the residents in Ban Plai Khlong, the no. 5 village in the district. This is to support the good health of the community, especially for the cultivation of organic vegetables, and enhance the quality of living of the residents in Ban Plai Khlong.

Contribution to Trang’s COVID-19 screening centre August 2021

In August 2021, Lam Soon (Thailand)’s palm oil crushing mill at Trang province donated consumer products to medical personnel at Trang’s COVID-19 screening centre, which services 7 villages in the Kalase sub-district. Those medical personnel volunteers are helping the province to implement drastic actions after higher daily new infections were recorded.

LST supports volunteer activities on the occasion of Queen Mother’s Birthday August 2021

On the occasion of H.M. Queen Sirikit of the Queen Mother's Birthday and Mother's Day, Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited sponsored Yok palm oil products at Khlong Kled area to build good relationship with government agencies, communities and community leaders. The director of Bangna district was present to distribute the Lam Soon products to participants on our behalf.

Supporting medical personnel at Krabi’s COVID-19 vaccination centre July 2021

On July 14, 2021, United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited supplied 1,200 bottles of drinking water to medical personnel and people awaiting for COVID-19 vaccination at Nuea Khlong Hospital, Krabi.

The executive team leader and professional nurse receiving the donation on behalf of the hospital.
LST contributes to COVID-19 relief efforts in Samut Prakarn June 2021

On 2 June 2021, Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited donated Yok Cooking Oil to those who were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The relief efforts were administered by Labour Protection and Welfare office, Samut Prakarn.

Supporting healthcare personnel in COVID-19 vaccination centre, Krabi June 2021

On 11 June 2021, United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited donated 1,200 bottles of drinking water to healthcare personnel and vaccinated people at COVID-19 vaccination centre in Krabi through the Office of Labour Protection and Welfare Krabi.

The Head of Krabi Labour Protection and Welfare Office receiving the drinking water on behalf of the centre.
Promote and develop entrepreneurs to raise the level of green industry certification March 2021

On 19 March 2021, Ms. Ratchanee Jeithongsri, Head of Human Resource & Administration representing Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited’s crushing mill in Trang delivered a lecture to train and educate entrepreneurs. The programme, held by Trang provincial industrial office, is aimed to raise the level of green industry certification. The topics discussed covered strategies and guidelines for the success of an organisation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards the community.

LST supports flood and Covid-19 relief in the three
southern provinces in Thailand
January 2021

On 11 January 2021, Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited donated funds to help victims in the three southern provinces in Thailand who have suffered from flooding and the impacts resulting from COVID-19.

In addition, the company supported the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand to open Halal kitchen and distributed Halal food, as well as supplied survival bags to the people who had suffered in Bang Lang, Yala and nearby areas.

Local Community Support June 2020

In Jun 2020, United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited supplied 10,000 Tilapia fish to local villagers in Krabi to help them earn extra income and drive prosperity in the community.

Ms Tiamros Jinakun, Accounts Division Manager, representing United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited.
Contribution to “Happiness Cupboards” during Covid-19 May 2020

In May 2020, Lam Soon (Thailand) Public Company Limited distributed cooking oils to “Happiness Cupboards” at Ministry of Labour, Office of Labour Protection and Welfare in Samut Prakarn to support those affected during Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Virat Suwannarat, Vice President of Human Resources, representing Lam Soon Thailand.
Children’s Day Celebration January 2020

Lam Soon (Thailand) supported Children’s Day celebration by sponsoring school supplies to Bangpoo Industrial Estate Office, City Village Housing Estate and Bangpoo Police Station.

Trang Crushing Mill also sponsored 5 bicycles to Khuan Kun School and 5,000 Baht to support the celebration at Kalase Subdistrict Administration Organisation, Trang province.

The company recognises the importance of children as the future that drives the nation’s prosperity and sustainability.

36th Blood Donation Campaign January 2020

On 17 January 2020, Lam Soon (Thailand) held its 36th Blood Donation event with the objective of encouraging employees to help others and give back to the society.

Buddhism Protection Volunteer Project September 2019

In September 2019, Lam Soon (Thailand)’s Trang Crushing Mill participated in the Buddhism Protection Volunteer project organised by Trang Provincial Industrial Office at Sikao Temple and Khao Mai Kaew Temple which are located nearby the factory.

The project was carried out to inspect the electrical safety system of these temples. LST’s electrical engineer and electrician were assigned to support the project.

35th Blood Donation Campaign September 2019

In collaboration with Samut Prakran Hospital, Lam Soon (Thailand)’s Bangpoo Refinery held its 35th Blood Donation event on 20 September 2019. The company will continue its effort in conducting this activity to serve our people and society.

Blood Donation May 2019

On 17 May 2019, Lam Soon (Thailand)’s Bangpoo refinery held the 34th Blood Donation event in cooperation with Samut Prakran Hospital. The company conducts such activity to further help people and society.

Allocated Empty Fruit Bunch to Community in Ban Huai Yung Agriculture Group January 2019

UPOIC allocated 20 MT of empty fruit bunch (EFB) by-product from its production process to Huai Yung Progressive Agriculture Group, Ban Huai Yung Community in Nuea Khlong District, Krabi.

The EFB was used as demonstration supplies in the seminar project "Building skills and promotion of agricultural occupation" at the local Agriculture Learning Center (ALC). The objective is to help farmers to learn more about effective straw mushroom cultivation from empty fruit bunch and increase the income.

SMU Business Study Trip to UFC June 2016

UFC hosted a team of 18 top undergraduate scholars from Singapore Management University (SMU) on 14 Jun 2016. This is the 2nd year for UFC to host the SMU scholars during their business study trip to Bangkok.

The objectives of this study trip were to seek insights on Bangkok’s long history as the leading regional economic centre in Thailand and Indo-China, and to understand best international practices of highly esteemed organisations. These scholars were also interested in global internship and employment opportunities in overseas companies. The group learned a great deal from the sharing of UFC’s valuable experiences and gained insights into practical issues that they cannot study from textbooks.

School Oil Palm Planting Project 5 December 2010
Lam Soon Thailand and United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited supported the school oil palm planting project in the south in honor of His Majesty, the Great King’s birthday on 5 December. This 3-year project arose from the realization of the importance of oil palm cultivation in accordance with good agricultural and environmental friendly practice. The project will promote elite oil palm seedlings and planting in Krabi, Surat Thani and Trang provinces. A total of 4,778 CIRAD oil palm seedlings were delivered to 17 schools in 2010.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) 2010
A pioneer member of Thailand Smallholders Task Force, Lam Soon produced a draft of the Thailand National Interpretation of RSPO Principle and Criteria, which comprises 8 principles, 39 criterias and 120 indicators. This draft has been submitted to RSPO’s executive board for endorsement. Once approved, many companies will switch to RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil fully by 2015.

Source : Newsletter of Roundtable on Sustainable Oil / Issue 15 January 2011
Green Roof Project July - December 2010
Lam Soon Thailand joined the Green Roof Project of Friends in need Volunteers Foundation to recycle all used drink package collection campaign with the following objectives :
• promote attitude and implant consciousness of sustainable environment management and conservation among the youths.
• Establish knowledge and understanding for drink package recycle, and enhance changes in habits to reduce waste.
• To have students learn about waste recycle values.

Community Development 2010
UFC Nakorn Patom was selected to be the pilot factory for participating in community projects with the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI)and the Department of Industrial Work (DIW). The objective is to strengthen the industrial networking with the community, to educate the community in environmental conservation and to improve the quality of people’s life.
Blood Donation Scheme 2010
The company participated with Thai Red Cross Society and various hospitals to donate blood to help those in need on a regular basis. Many of our employees from the production lines of each plant volunteered in such activities.

Donation for Flood Victims October 2010
UFC representatives donated fund and food supplies (valued at Baht 140,000) to alleviate all flood victims’ hardship in the central provinces. The donation took place at Maleenont Building 2.

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